Frequently Asked Questions

Do we pay for the iyzico membership?

No, it's completely free. you can become a member instantly via the iyzico mobile app or by clicking here

How do we pay with iyzico?
Paying with iyzico, is the easiest way to pay, so you can pay as quickly and securely as possible with balance or bank card or money/eft method.

What is an iyzico balance?
The iyzico balance is the amount that allows you to shop without the need for a credit card. you can upload money into your iyzico account through our mobile app, spend it as you please, and you can deposit the balance into your bank account if you want.

How do I add money into my iyzico account?

After you click “Upload money” in the iyzico mobile app, you can see “Load money with Card” and “Load money with EFT/Air”. If you want to upload money to your account with your card, you can enter the amount you want to load by clicking on the “Load money with Card” button. You can then select one of your registered cards to continue the process or add a new card to load  money. All money you load with your card will immediately be reflected in your balance, 7/24 hours.

If you want to continue with the “Load money with EFT/Air” option, you can select your bank account and enter the amount you want to upload. Your balance uploads with EFT/Air will immediately be reflected in your balance.

When does the money I put in my iyzico account go back to my balance?
The money charges you make with your card or EFT/Air will be reflected immediately in your balance.

How do I spend my balance on my iyzico account?

You can use your balance on the iyzico account on tens of thousands of sites right now. But soon, we will ensure that you can pay with a balance from all websites that use the iyzico payment infrastructure.

How can i withdraw money from my iyzico balance?

You can enter the amount you want to withdraw by clicking “withdraw money” from the iyzico mobile app. You can then complete the withdrawal by entering the IBAN you want to send the money to. The amount you take will be reflected in your bank account within the first following business day.

Where can I follow my refunds?

You can track refunds by downloading the iyzico mobile app, and get 7/24 live support if you get a question.

When will my refund be reflected in my account?

The refund is transferred to the account as soon as the claim is approved.

Is there a fee paying into my iyzico account?

No, everything you do on your iyzico account is free.

Is there a fee to withdraw money from my Iyzico account?

No, everything you do on your iyzico account is free.

How long does it take you to deliver the product I bought?

We deliver in-Istanbul deliveries to the cargo company within 24 hours. The cargo company is shipping you in 24 hours. We're shipping out of Istanbul deliveries to the cargo company in 24 hours. The cargo company delivers within 2-3 business days (delivery time may be extended due to climatic, geographical problems or the time the cargo company has committed to provinces). If there is a problem with the product supply process, we will notify you via email, telephone and SMS.

When do you ship the product I bought during a campaign?

Since we have been busy during campaign periods, our time to ship products can vary between 2-3 days. The delivery can reach you within 4-5 in Istanbul and 6-7 days outside Istanbul.

When do you ship my orders on weekends and holidays?

Your order will be delivered to the cargo on the first business day following weekends and holidays.

When do you ship my orders outside of the operating hours (before 09.00, after 18.00)?

Orders placed between 18.00 and 09.00 are delivered to the cargo within the following business day.

If I want to change the delivery address of my order, how do I do that?

To change your delivery address, you must enter your “My Account” page and make the change in the “Address Book” section. You can also select the “I want to define a New Address” button during the purchase process and define your new address. This address will be the delivery address for your subsequent orders. During ordering, you can also identify a different address to have delivery delivered to that address. This change will only affect the relevant order.

Do I have to pay for the cargo?

For purchases of 200 TL and above, the shipping fee is free for your orders under 200 TL is 20 TL.

What am I supposed to watch out for when I deliver my cargo?

Before you receive your cargo, check the exterior and interior of the packaging by opening it next to the cargo personnel. If your cargo is damaged (bruised, torn, broken, corroded, etc.), attach the damage detection report to the cargo personnel and ask for it to be returned without receiving the cargo. If you have received the product, do not discard its packaging, return it and ship it with the original packaging when making the replacement.

What should I do if my order comes when I'm not at home?

Your order will be delivered to the address you are shipping to. If you are unable to be present in your address, your cargo will be left at the nearest cargo branch with a note left on your door (or the building you are living in). Your order will be returned to us if you are unable to retrieve it from your shipping branch within three days.

Which carrier do you work with?


If I return the product I bought, will I pay a shipping fee?

If you choose our agreed carrier to return your order, you will not be charged. If you choose another carrier, you will need to pay for the cargo.

Can I pay you at the door? Do I have to pay extra if I can?

You can pay cash or credit card at the door. The cargo company is getting an extra price for this service. This price is added to your order amount when collections are made.

Where can I track the shipping status of my orders?

To track the shipping status, you can view it by entering the “My Orders” page in the “My Account” section.

How can I track the cargo status after I place my order?

To track the cargo status, you can view your relevant order on the “My Orders” page and press the “where is my cargo” link. So you can see your cargo status. You will be notified by email and SMS when your order is shipped.